Dear Parents and Education Advocates,

On March 3, San Diego voters will begin to choose who will govern California’s 2nd largest school district, when the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) has several candidates vying for that privilege. 

With three of the five current SDUSD seats up this November, sub-district voters, and only sub-district voters, will select their top two candidates in each of the three sub-district races. Six candidates will then compete for the three seats to represent schools from central San Diego to mid-cities San Diego and Southeast San Diego.

Two of these districts are lower-income that continue to lag in state academic performance testing, despite new facilities and personnel changes. 

Voters should consider these matters when choosing a school board candidate. 

Fiscal Management:
With nearly $10B in facility bonds authorized by voters in the past 12 years, have SDUSD Trustees spent these dollars effectively? 

Are students and teachers safer as a result of Trustee oversight? 

Have Trustees deployed measurable and sustainable improvements that have translated to an improvement in the quality of life for all students post-graduation? 

Have Trustees presented and deployed meaningful and measurable plans that provide options for students beyond college preparation? 

Have Trustees demonstrated a willingness to listen to the concerns of San Diego parents and community leaders? 

A major shift in policy and governance is at stake with a majority of SDUSD School board seats up for election this November. 

Whether you’re a parent of a student or not, San Diegans pay a price for whom they choose to govern California’s 2nd largest school district. Good schools for all translate to good communities for all. Our students depend on us to elect leaders that will meet or exceed the fundamentals of leadership listed above.

Tom Keliinoi – TK
Parents for Quality Education 

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