Why is Quality Public Education
So Important?

The well-being of our communities is fundamentally dependent upon the degree to which all children receive a quality education. Ultimately, having an educated populace determines the social, economic, and political strength of our local communities and our nation.

Good schools that provide quality education:

  • Help create communities where people want to live
  • Determine the employability and earning power of our students
  • Attract businesses with good paying jobs
  • Bolster public safety and property values of the surrounding community

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of communities to act as catalysts to transform and revitalize public education so each and every child receives a quality education. It is our goal to make every school a good school.

Who We Are

Parents for Quality Education (PQE), a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, was founded by civic minded parents in 2009 to improve public education through increased involvement of parents and the community in the educational process.

News & Updates