In a recent Times of San Diego opinion article Parents For Quality Education President, Mark Powell stated that, “Critical Race Theory should in no way be part of the curriculum used to teach U.S. history in California’s public schools because it is inherently conflict-ridden and divisive.”

The PQE Board unanimously voted to oppose using Critical Race Theory to teach United States History in public school especially to students between 6 and 16 — a time when children are establishing their sense of identity. During these years, children make strides toward adulthood by developing a sense of self-esteem and individuality. The PQE Board felt that it would be counterproductive if public schools taught children that their destiny will largely be determined by the color of their skin.

Rather students should be taught that they have the ability to make choices and manage their own life, and through hard work and self-determination control their own destiny. The board went on to state that critical race theory has no place in public education and that K-12 public education should be focusing its attention on preparing students for college and the workforce.