Dear Parents and Education Advocates,

As we usher in the 2020 decade, I hope you had a blessed holiday season surrounded by family and friends. We are grateful for your support of PQE’s mission to improve public education. Thank you!

With every new year comes a renewed determination to make some changes. For me, it’s a greater focus on personal growth, meaningful family connection, quality time with friends, and support of my community. 

With our past year’s efforts and progress, PQE is now closer than ever to bring accountability to a public educational system that is not matching our world-class city and leadership in innovation and technology. We can and must do better.

Our efforts to bring about overdue reforms in 2020 will not be easy, but we are motivated more than ever by the tremendous progress we’ve achieved in the past two years. 

District Only Elections for San Diego Unified – the time is NOW!

We filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego, and we are finishing what we started. 

By assuring the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) will be implemented through District Only elections, we can finally expect that voters can select candidates for San Diego Unified that are not nullified by other district voters that are currently allowed to cast their votes in every school board race. As an example, in 2016, when District E voters overwhelmingly chose their preferred candidate in the Primary, the current process allowed voters from all five districts to select the District E candidate. This process is more than unfair. It violates California’s Constitution. Our lawsuit intends to put a stop to this.

With a hearing date set for July 2020, we anticipate this matter will now be resolved in court this year! By winning this legal challenge, ALL communities will have a fair and consistent representation of California’s 2nd largest school district and place the interest of our kids first. 

      Our commitment to parents and students in 2020 include:

  • Election reform of the SDUSD
  • Community education
  • PQE sponsored candidate forums for District’s A, D, & E
  • Accountability in governance that prepares students to lead & succeed 

You will hear more about these initiatives as we progress through an early primary season and on to the ever-important general election in November, where majority control of SDUSD is at stake. 

We need your help!

Please join us in the fight to demand reform of California’s 2nd largest school district by donating to PQE in support of our efforts. Every dollar you donate will support our 2020 commitments to our community.

I look forward to bringing new leadership that will adequately equip students throughout the next decade and beyond. With your support, we will bring change for better schools and quality public education for ALL. 


Tom Keliinoi – TK 
Parents for Quality Education 

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