Dear Parents and Education Advocates,

2020 has been a year of disruptions in every capacity, with no area more disrupted than our educational system. School closures, parents out of work, social isolation, and emotional distress have affected our families in unimaginable ways. The needs of our most vulnerable students, English-learners, special needs, and students of color were affected the most.

Many of you sacrificed, altered, collaborated, and innovated to provide a quality education for your children. Learning pods, alternative schedules, and even remote grandparent Zooms to bring the lessons to your children. We commend you. Unfortunately, parents that have adapted are not in the majority, and there is no end in sight.

Parents for Quality Education is committed to bringing quality public education to everyone. Our concentrated efforts to reform California’s public education system, regardless of zip code, citizen status, or economic security, are evident. With each election, we have fought for change and won.

• 2018 – Organized and lead the fight to bring Term Limits for SDUSD School Board Members

• 2020 – Organized and delivered District only Elections for SDUSD.

Our plan for 2021 will advance community participation to offset the enormous funding that incumbents receive, where their leadership has done little to advance and improve school safety, academic achievement, and equality for communities of color. It is time for accountability.

While Term Limits and District only Elections are promising accomplishments that will reshape the direction and leadership for tens of thousands of San Diego students and their families, our work to usher in accountability and change is far from over.

In 2022, two seats will be at stake on the San Diego Unified School Board. Mike McQuary in District C and Kevin Beiser in District B. Mr. Beiser is now serving his 3rd term and can seek a 4th term in 2022 and Dr. McQuary is not seeking another term.

PQE is founded by parents and community members, operated solely by volunteers, supported entirely by donations, and spends every dime raised in support of public education accountability.

Your donations of any amount will allow us to continue our fight to bring quality education to every student in every community. We are committed to continuing the battle that is quietly changing the direction of California’s 2nd largest school district.

Thank you for your continued support and for donating today. Together, we will bring about meaningful change that will shape the educational outcome for tens of thousands of deserving students.

Tom Keliinoi – TK
Parents for Quality Education